Harvey Weinstein: Hey, Jeff Zucker, Thanks for Greenlighting My Show and Suing Me

: As for the rest of the Peabody luncheon, producer Harvey Weinstein was among those accepting the award for Project Runway, and insisted that Heidi Klum get up onstage along with Tim Gunn and other executives for the show.

Weinstein went so far as to give a shout-out to thank the executive he said greenlit Project Runway—and is now suing him—NBC Universal president Jeff Zucker. Weinstein earlier this year did a $150 million deal to move Project Runway from Bravo to Lifetime Television in the fall, prompting NBCU to sue his company, The Weinstein Co.

“No matter what happens in that case, we could make a reality series out of it,” Weinstein said. “Thank you very much, and a special thanks to Jeff Zucker.”

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