Alabama Fan Who Poisoned Auburn’s Trees Was Beaten Unconscious After Leaving A Court Hearing

Toomer's Corner Auburn Tigers

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Harvey Updyke, the die-hard Alabama football fan who poisoned Auburn’s famous Toomer’s Corner trees, was beaten unconscious today, shortly after leaving a court appearance on Wednesday.Updyke appeared in an Auburn court today, where he chose to waive his preliminary hearing on charges of “first-degree criminal mischief.” (The case will no go to a grand jury.)

He then stopped for gas on his way out of town, around 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. His lawyer says he blacked out and woke up bleeding on the ground. He went the hospital where he treated and released.

Listen to his lawyer describe the attack to radio host Paul Finebaum.

His lawyer also claims that someone called a local news station to report that Updyke had been stabbed, but the call came in before Updyke even got to the hospital, suggesting it was attacker or someone who knew him that made the report.

Updyke allegedly called Finebaum’s radio show in February, bragging that he had poured lethal amounts of a powerful herbicide on the ground near the famous oak trees where Auburn fans gather to celebrate important victories. The trees are believed to be about 130 years old. The trees are still alive, but reports are that one may be beyond saving.

Since being arrested for the crime, Updyke says he has been living in his car, because he feared for his safety at home.

UPDATE: Some are now wondering if the attack really happened, but that “evidence” against seems pretty thin. We’ll keep an eye on this.