Incredible satellite photos show Texas before and after Harvey flooded the region

Texas flooding harvey satellite images space digitalglobe thumb
Flooding in Simonton, Texas, left by Hurricane Harvey and its remnant storms. DigitalGlobe

As eastern Texas saw its first clear skies and sunshine in days on Wednesday, satellites in space got to work photographing the damage left by Hurricane Harvey.

Harris County and the Greater Houston area in Texas, which is home to roughly 5 million people, took the brunt of the storm’s record-breaking rainfall.

So far only drones and aeroplanes have been able to perform photo surveys from above the storm’s devastation, which claimed dozens of lives.

On Thursday, however, companies like Deimos Imaging, UrtheCast, and DigitalGlobe — which operate satellites in orbit and sell the image data — released a fresh batch of before-and-after photos of Texas.

Here are some of the most revealing views of the devastation. To compare pre- and post-Harvey images, drag the slider to the left and right. These images were provided by DigitalGlobe.

Simonton, Texas

A zoomed-in area of Simonton, Texas

Angleton, Texas

Brookshire, Texas

Rosenberg, Texas

Wharton, Texas

A zoomed-in area of Wharton, Texas

Holiday Lakes, Texas

DigitalGlobe also released this pre-Harvey image of the Arkema chemical plant in Crosby, Texas:

Arkema’s chemical plant in Crosby, Texas, as seen by the WorldView-3 satellite on January 29, 2017. DigitalGlobe

No ‘after’ image has yet been released, but flooding caused the chemical plant to explode twice on Thursday, sickening nearby emergency workers with clouds of fumes.”