An NBA Hall Of Famer Has Worn A Different T-Shirt For 2,999 Consecutive Days

Harvey Pollack

The Basketball Hall of Fame inducted statistician Harvey Pollack for revolutionizing the modern NBA box score.

Now he’s revolutionizing the Guinness Book of World Records for wearing a different t-shirt every day since June 28, 2003.

Friday will mark the 3,000th consecutive day he’s pulled a different t-shirt from his dresser.

How do we know this? The Philadelphia 76ers put out a press release containing this information:

“In order to keep his record intact, Pollack keeps the shirts he has worn in one room of his home, and the shirts he has not yet worn in a separate room. He also maintains an Excel spreadsheet of dates and numbers of each shirt, as well as a descriptions of the shirts themselves.”

That is attention to detail.

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