Harvey Norman will now deliver to your home or office in 3 hours

After partnering with Australia Post last month, local startup Shippit is now teaming up with Harvey Norman to enable same-day delivery and scheduled deliveries.

You’ll now be able to schedule a delivery time between 7am and 10pm on weekdays for all small appliances, consumer electronics and small goods deliveries. It can all be tracked on your phone in real time, too.

“By partnering with Shippit, in addition to booking standard deliveries through Australia Post, Harvey Norman can now offer smart extras like national three hour delivery scheduling, live GPS delivery tracking, and progress notifications that only a unique startup like Shippit can offer.” Shippit CEO Rob Hango-Zada said.

Shippit itself partners with retailers to offer a flexibility in the delivery options they can offer, and adds an “‘Uber-like” experience for their customers.

The best part for customers is that Shippit enables retailers to offer customers a 3-hour time slot, meaning you know what day and roughly when your package is coming so you don’t have to stress about not being home to miss it. You can then track your parcel online in real time through SMS and email alerts, scrapping the need for Australia Post’s tracking number system. There’s also the ability to reschedule or reroute the delivery after the purchase has been made to an alternate address.

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