Harvard Students Epically Pranked Yale By Giving Prospective Yalies A Hilarious Fake Campus Tour

The annual Harvard-Yale football game — known simply as “The Game” — is one of the most eagerly anticipated events each year for students at both Ivy League universities.

In anticipation of this year’s matchup this weekend, Harvard student comedy group On Harvard Time traveled to New Haven, Connecticut to give fake tours of Yale’s campus to unsuspecting visitors. These prospective students may have been surprised to learn that Yale students are supposedly “stupider,” “less successful,” and “less attractive” than their peers at Harvard.

The Harvard boys make fun of everything from Yale’s seeming obsession with Gothic architecture to New Haven’s semi-scary reputation. Over the course of the tour they get in a bunch of good digs about “Harvard’s little, perhaps less successful, sister” — which, we find out, constantly fluctuates between “three and 15” on U.S. News’ college rankings.

Check out the video below:

[H/T BroBible]

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