Harvard Is Still Sending A Shockingly Low Number Of Graduates To Wall Street

harvard students graduation

The Harvard Crimson has released the results of the class of 2013’s survey of where the seniors are heading after graduation. 

According to the student newspaper, 61% of the graduating class already has a job secured.  More graduates will be heading to Wall Street this year than they did last year, but it’s still nothing compared to 2007. 

From The Harvard Crimson: 

Another 15 per cent will be working in finance, nearly doubling the 9 per cent who entered the sector last year but still paling in comparison to 2007, when before the financial crisis, 47 per cent of graduating seniors went into finance.

What’s more is 21% of seniors going into the financial services industry said they will make more than $110,000 their first year on the job, the report said. 

Harvard’s commencement will take place on May 30th.  

[h/t @KevinRoose]

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