These are the 5 most popular classes at Harvard for the fall semester

ChalkboardFlickr/stuartpilbrowEveryone wants to take econ.

Introductory-level economics remains the most popular course for undergraduates at Harvard University, The Harvard Crimson reported.

The course, “Economics 10a: Principles of Economics,”
is actually a full-year course, where the fall term teaches microeconomics concepts and the spring term teaches macroeconomics.

Rounding out the top five for the 2017 fall semester were:

  1. Economics 10a: Principles of Economics — 627 students
  2. Computer Science 50: Introduction to Computer Science I — 606 students
  3. Statistics 110: Introduction to Probability — 524 students
  4. Ethical Reasoning 18: Classical Chinese Ethical and Political Reasoning — 508 students
  5. Science of Living Systems 20: Psychological Science — 443 students

Economics 10 and Computer Science 50 typically jockey for the top spot as most popular course at Harvard. And while economics won out among undergrads, when looking at total enrollment — which includes graduate and non-degree students — Computer Science 50 had more students enrolled: 697 students, compared to 633 for economics.

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