Harvard Law Student Files Class Action Suit Against Google Over Buzz

Google buzz

In an inevitable twist, Google has been sued over privacy concerns related to its new, lambasted feature Buzz.

The suit was filed yesterday by firms in Washington D.C. and San Francisco on behalf of Eva Hibnick, a 24-year-old 2L at Harvard. Hibnick was apparently frustrated that people she had not talked to in months were following her status.

ABC News: Hibnick said she mentioned her frustrations to a classmate, who happened to be a research assistant for a Harvard professor who specialises in civil procedure and class-action law.

When he agreed that Google Buzz could indeed constitute a privacy breach, he put them in touch with one of the attorneys now representing Hibnick.

“I feel really deeply about this issue and that’s why I decided to step forward,” Hibnick said.

Criticism of the program has been rampant, as the program can expose cheaters and help stalkers.

San Francisco Chronicle: The legal complaint accuses Google of breaking various electronic communications laws, including the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. The plaintiff is seeking injunctions to prevent the company from taking similar actions in the future, and unspecified monetary relief.

Read more at the San Francisco Chronicle’s tech blog and ABC News.

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