It's Easier To Get Into Harvard Than Get A Job At A New Wegmans Grocery Store

Attached imageGlassdoor.comWegmans ranked fifth this year on Fortune magazine’s list of ‘100 Best Companies To Work For.’

Harvard University had a higher acceptance rate this year than than a new Wegmans store in Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia Business Journal’s Peter Van Allen reports.
Roughly 10,000 people applied for 500 openings at the Wegmans in Montgomeryville, making for a 5% acceptance rate at the family-owned supermarket chain.

By comparison, Harvard’s acceptance rate for the 2013-2014 academic year was 5.8% out of 35,023 applicants, he notes.

Wegmans’ hourly wages for cashiers, its lowest paid employees, are between $US8 and $US11, according to the online jobs community Glassdoor.

While Wegmans’ wages are generally in line with other grocers, the company has consistently been rated highly on Fortune magazine’s list of “100 Best Companies To Work For.” This year, the grocer ranked in fifth place.

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