Harvard Students Have Discovered That Tim Tebow’s Winning Ways Defy Science

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There’s the unexplainable. And then there’s Tim Tebow.But the Broncos’ impressive turnaround under their new quarterback had to be more than an act of God, right? 

Enter a group of curious Harvard students. 

The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective chose to study the phenomenon and published an aptly-titled article, “A Statistical Analysis of the Miracles of Tim Tebow.”

In non-Harvard terms, the student-run group used a formula to predict that, under the quarterbacking of Kyle Orton, Denver would win about 36 per cent of their games this year.

They then compared the 2-4 Orton-led Broncos’ statistics to those of the team under Tebow.

The group found that, despite being 4-1, the Broncos offence has trended downwards while the defence has only improved minimally.

In other words, the Broncos’ recent winning ways flies in the face of science.

Therein lies the miraculous power of Tebow. 

Or, in much more realistic terms, “while Tebow and the rest of the Broncos have not been producing better numbers, they’ve been producing their best numbers at the right times.”

Otherwise known as the fourth quarter.

Can it continue? The HSAC isn’t so sure. 

“The likelihood of Tim Tebow sustaining his current winning percentage looks rather dire.” 

Then again, if anyone is going to laugh in the face of science – it’s Tebow.