Harvard Senior Chooses NFL Over Law School


is your typical Harvard senior – he has considered that great American post-graduate babysitter we affectionately call law school.  

But he is going to give the NFL a shot next year instead.  “I can always go to law school later,” Williams told Bloomberg

Yesterday we mentioned the NY Bar Association’s new program offering unpaid state court clerkships, so we though it important to offer additional alternatives.  Maybe the NFL is the way to go – as Bloomberg notes, first-year attorneys earn an average of $125,000 while a fifth-round draft pick averages $500,000.  

Williams, of course, currently plays football for Harvard and is 6-foot-5 and almost 300 pounds.  But when the options for new and unemployed lawyers include working for the court for free, maybe dreaming of stepping outside of the box isn’t such a waste of time.  Well, it probably is.  But at least we can all live vicariously through Jason, who quit law before he even started.  

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