Liam Payne jokes Harry Styles’ song ‘Golden’ is about him while listening to his former bandmate’s music

Liam Payne listened to Harry Styles’ ‘Golden’ on a recent Instagram live. Liam Payne/Instagram
  • Liam Payne listened to Harry Styles’ song “Golden” during a recent Instagram livestream, and joked to followers that the song was about him.
  • “I mean, my eyes are kind of golden. Do you reckon this one’s about me?” the One Direction singer asked.
  • Payne proceeded to show his eyes to the camera, telling viewers, “They’re golden.”
  • “It could be about me, we just don’t know it yet,” he joked.
  • Payne concluded the clip by giving his thoughts on the song: “This is nice, it’s like a chill… it doesn’t go too ‘rah.’ Cool. 10/10. I like it a lot.”
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