Harry Reid Celebrates The Incineration Of $10.4 Billion


In a press release titled “Reid Delivers Smallest Yucca Mountain Budget Ever,” Senator Harry Reid boasts about the “death of the failed Yucca Mountain idea.”

Barack Obama’s budget slashes spending on Yucca Mountain to $196.8 million, which is just enough to close the nuclear waste storage project down and still fund a commission to explore alternatives. Says Reid in the release, “The termination language in its plan could not be any clearer – Yucca is history.”

So, we supposed congratulations are in order. Hats off to you Mr. Reid. Yucca is done, and you have no plan going forward to deal with the waste. The government’s looked at the problem for 25 years, racking up around $10.4 billion in government spending and we have absolutely nothing to show for it.

Oh wait, we’ve got something–impending lawsuits amounting to billions of dollars.

We get that you didn’t want Yucca in your backyard, we don’t blame you. It was a bad idea from the start. But instead of issuing a press release that says you’re thrilled, how about admitting that it’s sort of unfortunate that we burned billions of dollars, we have no solution.

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