It looks like a massive new ‘Harry Potter’ game is in the works, and the first trailer for it leaked overnight in a bizarre way

Footage captured off of a monitor, not representative of the actual game. YouTube
  • A new game set in the world of Harry Potter was seemingly revealed in a leaked video overnight.
  • The video was posted by a Reddit user who claims to have seen the game in a mall focus group.
  • The game appears to be a third-person action RPG set in the world of Harry Potter, featuring combat and much more.

A new game set in the world of Harry Potter debuted overnight, albeit through leaked footage that popped up on Reddit.

“Have you ever had a random guy approach you while you were walking around a mall?” Reddit user “VapeThisBro” wrote. “This guy walked up to me and was like ‘Hey man…I’ll give you 8 bucks to watch this video game trailer while I fill out the survey for you.'”

Such is the story of the origins of this leaked trailer, captured off of a screen – thus the low quality image seen above. There also appears to be a mouse cursor hovering over the video as it plays. The lower right corner is blurred, obfuscating some type of potentially incriminating information.

The game appears to be a third-person action game set in the world of Harry Potter, and iconic locations – like Hogwarts and Diagon Alley – both make appearances. A description alongside the video calls the game a “third-person open-world action/RPG.” To that end, a character creation screen is shown – a staple of RPG-style games. Button prompts in the video indicate the game will be available on Xbox One and/or PC.

That is, of course, if the game is still an existing project in development. The origins of the YouTube video are strange to say the least.

Harry Potter RPG (leak)

The description alongside the video reads like marketing copy: “Journey to Hogwarts to become one of 8 different Wizard types. Experience Hogwarts, make new friends, uncover new secrets, and change the fate of the Wizarding world.”

That’s because, as VapeThisBro explained, it was provided by the marketing representatives in the mall where he was asked to watch the video. “All that I was shown was a few videos, stills, and this,” the Reddit user wrote. Here’s the full description from Reddit:

“Set in the 19th Century (1800s) Wizarding World, this third-person open-world action RPG game centres around your character with unique abilities who has earned a late acceptance to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You are a newly arrived fifth year student to Hogwarts that demonstrates a latent gift for magic with a unique ability to track and identify remnants of a potent ancient power. Upon arrival, strange events begin to materialise in the Forbidden Forest and trouble begins to brew within the castle walls. Together with Professor Elezar Fig, you embark on a journey through both familiar and never before seen locations to bring to light the truth behind these mysterious occurrences. On your quest you will craft potions, master new spells, and discover fantastical beasts. You will battle Dark Wizards, Goblins, and other supernatural enemies and uncover the truth about your destiny – the fate of the Wizarding World lies in your hands. FEATURES: – Journey to Hogwarts to become one of 8 different Wizard types – Experience Hogwarts, make new friends, uncover new secrets, and change the fate of the Wizarding world. – Experience a new magic system that creates countless possibilities to master magic. – Freely explore the Wizarding World for the first time. – Choose your house and friends at Hogwarts, and decide to pursue a path of good or evil. – Create your own witch or wizard, and experience an all new story separate from the books or films.”

For its part, Warner Bros. hasn’t responded to a request for comment. No such game in the Harry Potter fiction has been announced, but a new film is on the way – “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald,” the second in the “Fantastic Beasts” series, is scheduled to arrive this November.

The full leaked trailer of the game was taken down from YouTube shortly after this was published. According to the notice, a copyright claim was filed by none other than Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment – the game publishing arm of Warner Bros.

A GIF version of the trailer from Reddit can be found below: