‘Harry Potter’ fans can now buy a Hogwarts-themed Christmas pop-up book for the holidays

A 13-inch tree pops out of the book. Insight Editions

You can bring the magic of “Harry Potter” to your home this year with a festive pop up book published by Insight Editions.

The book opens in the centre to reveal a 13-inch Christmas tree set in the Hogwarts Great Hall. It also contains 25 ornaments readers can hang from the tree and use to count down to Christmas.

Take a peek at what the tree looks like when you fill it up with ornaments.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Christmas Pop Up
The book contains 25 ornaments. Insight Editions

In addition to the tree and ornaments, the picture book also comes with a booklet full of behind-the-scenes information from the “Harry Potter” movies. Readers can find out more about the props, the set design, and iconic holiday scenes from the series.

The book retails for $US39.99, and is available on Amazon at the time of writing.

Harry potter christmas pop up
The book is available for purchase on Amazon/ Insight Editions

Insight Editions makes other “Harry Potter” books, like a Christmas sweater holiday note set inspired by Mrs. Weasley’s handmade gifts ($US11.45). They’re available for purchase on Amazon.

Christmas sweater card
The sweater notes are available on Amazon. Insight Editions

You can buy other “Harry Potter” Christmas decor for your house this year too, like a Hogwarts Christmas tree topper ($US119.99) that lights up and sings from Hallmark, which is also sold on Amazon.

Christmas tree topper
A Hogwarts Christmas tree topper is available on Amazon. Amazon

Or you could buy a Lego “Harry Potter” advent calendar ($US39.99) that features over 300 pieces and 24 doors full of miniature hidden gifts.

You can get the calendar-toy combo from the Lego Store.

Lego advent harry
The Lego advent calendar is available from the Lego store. LEGO

You can see Insight’s full collection of “Harry Potter” products here.