Five Palatial Castles Fit For A Wizard (And Hollywood's Next Multi-Million Dollar Film Franchise)

Harry Potter 1

Photo: Curbed

With the final film in the wildly successful Harry Potter film franchise in theatres this weekend, fans of the bespectacled wizard will have to find their own version of Hogwarts to keep the dream alive.So we’ve assembled five of the finest Potter like castles where true fans can live the dream.

Well, provided they have the Galleons to pay for it.

This post originally appeared at Curbed.

Take this Spanish castle above.

Located near Barcelona, it boasts 32,000 square feet--plenty of space for fellow fans--but the muggles who currently own it are demanding $21M for the turreted castillo.

That's even more expensive than seeing the 3D version in theatres.

A palace set in Turin, Italy

Opening a school of wizardry in Turin, Italy would be bittersweet.

On one hand, there's a glorious hilltop castle for sale that would be perfect for the purpose.

On the other, that castle is asking an astounding $64.2M, a steep price even for those who can wave a wand.

The place is truly a palace, with no fewer than 30 bedrooms and 47 bathrooms, plus it comes complete with mysterious historic features like the courtyard's aptly named 'Fountain of the Mysteries.'

A luxurious castle in Toulouse, France

Not all of the European options are so spendy.

This petite castle in Toulouse, France doesn't have the space and drama of its Italian counterpart, but it comes in at just $850K.

The seven-bedroom spread packs a wealth of original detail into a small space, but with the low price comes the concern that this place needs some serious TLC.

A beautiful Swiss castle spread across 59,000 square feet

Those concerned with the upkeep on a musty old castle can pick up this Swiss castle, which was built in 1994.

Situated atop a hill, the place might not have the gloomy interiors of Hogwarts, but who's to say Harry wouldn't have taken a daily soak in a Jacuzzi tub, if he'd had the chance.

No word on the pricing, but considering the listing indicates there's space for a helipad, it's probably not cheap.

A 105 foot high castle located in the United States

Even America has a fair number of castles that Potter wouldn't pooh-pooh, like this stone structure with 105-foot tower in Narragansett, R.I.

The $5.95M number has 15 bedrooms spread over 21,000 square feet, with 38 acres of privacy. It's currently owned by the Catholic Diocese, who might not take too kindly to selling to a bunch of wannabe wizards.

There's another palace fit for a Hollywood film setting...

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