The best 7 guesses on what J.K. Rowling's new 'Harry Potter' play is about

When J.K. Rowling announced a new “Harry Potter” play at the end of June, she sent the Potter fandom into a frenzy. First, everyone wanted to know whether the new production, “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” would be a prequel or not. Rowling quickly began tweeting in earnest, shutting down the assumption.

Prequel or not, the question remained: “Who is the ‘cursed child’?”

Though no new information regarding the play’s plot has been released, “Harry Potter” fanatics are putting their heads together and swapping theories online.

Let’s take a look at the proposed candidates for the “cursed child.”

1. Harry Potter is the cursed child.

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Hear us out!

Yes, this would make the title severely redundant, 'Harry Potter and Harry Potter,' but it's not completely out of the realm of possibility. Even though Rowling said it's 'not a prequel,' the insistence doesn't necessarily mean Harry's childhood will not be involved.

One Redditor explains it like this: 'I get the impression that (Rowling) has a different understanding of what a prequel is than everyone else...she refers to 'prequels' as a story far before the Harry Potter timeline, rather than a canonical story preceding the canon books.' Rowling's tweet stating 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' is a prequel supports this.

Another reason why many believe Harry is the 'cursed child' comes from 2013 press releases about the play's production. The Guardian cited the producers of the play saying the story will tell 'the previously untold story of Harry Potter's early years as an orphan and outcast.' The script may have changed since these conversation two years ago, but no one knows for certain, yet.

2. It's about Harry's cousin, Dudley Dursley.

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The 'Harry Potter' fans on MuggleNet -- a popular site for news and discussion about the series -- have guessed Harry's cousin Dudley Dursley is actually the 'cursed child.' As they explain, 'Dudley doesn't have much to do with Harry before Voldemort's attack on James and Lily, but once Harry shows up on his doorstep, he does lead a sort of cursed life in his own ridiculously spoiled way.'

It's a stretch, but the case is there.

3. It's Harry's godson, Teddy Lupin.

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Another guess has been Teddy Lupin, the son of Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks (above).

Teddy is Harry's godson, and was orphaned in the seventh 'Harry Potter' book when both his parents were killed at the Battle of Hogwarts. One Redditor pointed out 'there might be something weird (cursed) with having a werewolf father.' Remus, who was a werewolf, expressed concerns in the novel about procreating because it was so unusual for a werewolf to ever mate with a 'normal' human. Maybe there were repercussions which Harry, as Teddy's godfather, will have to help with.

4. It's Dumbledore's long gone sister, Ariana Dumbledore.

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Ariana Dumbledore was the younger sister of Albus Dumbledore.

In the books, we learn how she was discovered doing magic by three small muggle (non-magic) children, and frightened into a permanent state of anxiety. This made her prone to outbursts of dangerous magic, and unable to attend Hogwarts or live a normal life. Ariana's story is certainly reminiscent of an unlucky and possibly 'cursed' life. But since she died long before Harry was born, we're not sure how their two stories could inter-wine. But we've seen the idea on both Reddit and Twitter, so it's a possibility fans are considering.

5. It's a mystery child Harry meets while he's an Auror.

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We know Harry grew up and became an auror (dark-wizard catcher) for the Ministry of Magic. Perhaps 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' will take place after the book events, and the unnamed child is a brand new one. Since the career of an auror often involves danger and dark magic, it adds up that Harry would encounter a 'cursed child' in his line of work. This theory was the brainchild of another Redditor.

6. It's Neville Longbottom.

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Neville is an interesting candidate, as he was very nearly 'The Chosen One' in Rowling's original 'Harry Potter' series.

As explained in the books, Neville and Harry had matching characteristics and both might have been destined to rise against Lord Voldemort. Neville's childhood could be described as 'cursed' -- both his parents were tortured into insanity when he was a toddler. But a tragic start to life might not necessarily mean 'cursed.' MuggleNet also guessed Neville, explaining 'Perhaps (Rowling) is waiting to reveal a dual nature to the story in which we see both Harry and Neville's families go into hiding at the same time in the fear that Voldemort will come after their summer-born children?'

7. One of Harry and Ginny's children.

In the prologue of the final book, readers were introduced to Harry and Ginny's three children: James, Albus, and Lily. If 'Cursed Child' is not a prequel as Rowling insists, and it takes place after the events of the books, it fits that the child in question may belong to one of the original characters. Harry's own children are excellent candidates, since Harry is naturally involved in their lives, being their father and all.

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