One of the world's best soccer players reportedly has plans to become an NFL kicker later in his career

On Sunday Harry Kane will lead Tottenham Hotspur into the first game of their 2017-18 Premiere League campaign. The Premier League’s Golden Boot winner for the past two years, Kane is already a superstar in the league at just 24 years of age. But while he still has years ahead of him as one of the top soccer players on the planet, Kane already has aspirations to pursue another sport later in his playing career.

As a recent story at Sports Illustrated showed, Kane dreams of being an NFL kicker once his soccer playing days are winding down. During Spurs’ recent trip to the states for the International Champions Cup, Kane was practicing at one of the New York Giants facilities and decided to give kicking a try. Starting at the 15-yard line, Kane hit progressively longer field goals until he was nailing them from 50 yards out.

Kane shared video of his prowess on Twitter.

Kane is a known fan of American football, watching hours of Red Zone on his free Sundays, and says he’s fantasized about his chances making it in the NFL for some time, especially if the league eventually expands to London.

“I have always said I’d like to try and see if it would be possible,” Kane said. “It depends on how my career goes and injuries and how I age. But if I get to a stage where I am still fit and feel like I can do a job, I’d love to. If they have a team in England, it could work perfectly.”

For now though, Kane will be focused on bringing a Premiere League title to Tottenham. After a second place finish last year, Spurs are looking to continue their winning ways and find themselves at the top of the table come May.

Tottenham kicks off their 2017-18 campaign on Sunday against Newcastle.

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