Harrods Plans To Sell World’s Most Expensive Shirt


Yesterday we told you about Nordstrom going insanely high end and today this from Harrods. Is extreme luxury really poised to buck the larger trends?

Wealth-Bulletin: Harrods, the luxury London-based retailer, is selling a diamond-encrusted shirt valued at £20,000, the world’s most expensive shirt ever made. Although the shirt has not yet been sold, it puts paid to the idea of the wealthy having to reign in their spending as a result of the recession.

The record-breaking shirt is designed by Eton and will be up for auction from December 8 to 18.

Bidding opens at £5,000 and all proceeds go to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The shirt is made from Egyptian cotton and has seven coloured diamonds which adorn the shirt studs and cuff-links.