Why Harrison Ford Has Complete Faith In J.J. Abrams Reviving 'Star Wars'

harrison ford comic conHarrison Ford dropped hints about his involvement in ‘Star Wars: Episode VII.’

The Force is strong with J.J. Abrams, according to “Star Wars” actor Harrison Ford.

In an interview with MTV News, Ford said he has complete faith in Abrams’ ability to revive the “Star Wars” saga.

“I think he’s a great storyteller,” Ford said. “He’s developed an enormous filmmaking skill. I think it’s a daunting project, and he’s the kind of guy that can take on huge challenges and deliver.”

“Star Wars: Episode VII,” directed and produced by Abrams, is set to release in 2015.

Original cast members Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fischer, and Billy Dee Williams are rumoured to return.

It’s not the first time the A-list duo has worked together. Ford starred in the drama “Regarding Henry,” which Abrams wrote and debuted when he was 25. More recently, Abrams produced the talk show comedy “Morning Glory,” starring Ford, Diane Keaton, and Amy Adams.

Disney tapped Abrams, whose other production credits include “LOST,” “Super 8,” “Revolution,” and the revamped “Star Trek” franchise, to direct “Episode VII” after it bought LucasFilm in 2012.

After first dodging interview questions about the epic sci-fi reboot, Ford had some fun with the host.

“[Abrams is] an awful nice guy. … Really happy that he’s involved in the movie, even if I’m not,” Ford said with an exaggerated wink.

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