Harold Ford Jr. Just Jumped To Morgan Stanley, And Is Moving Into This $3.15 Million Chelsea Pad


Photo: Curbed.com

For politician Harold Ford, Jr., selling his Flatiron co-op meant a new coat (or 10) of paint to neutralize the place. But sell it he finally did, in a deal that closed in December for $1.3 million.So where are Harold and wife Emily moving next?

A surprisingly quietly-decorated Chelsea 5BR, according to a deed that hit public record today.

The new place at 161 West 15th Street, above, cost the couple $3.15 million, down from its ask of $3.4 million.

So what colours will the Ford family pick to decorate the place?

Click to see what his new place looks like →
This post originally appeared at Curbed.com.

Why buy an apartment when you can buy an entire island?

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