Harley-Davidson Sold 40k Motorcycles In Q4, Up 11% From A Year Ago

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Harley-Davidson said it sold 40,359 new motorcycles worldwide, up 10.9% from a year ago.  Sales in the U.S. jumped 11.8% to 23,753.Revenue jumped 11.9% to $1.03 billion.  EPS came in at $0.24, beating analysts’ estimates by a penny.

“At retail, we believe the solid improvement in new Harley-Davidson motorcycle sales reflects the strong appeal of our product lineup to a diverse customer base and the great efforts of our dealers, combined with results from our investments in growth opportunities across all regions and improved consumer confidence in the U.S,” said CEO Keith Wandell.

However, Wandell remains cautious on outlook.

“While we are encouraged by the retail sales trend, we continue to keep a close watch on the marketplace and remain cautious in our expectations for 2012.”