This Was The Worst Consumer News Of The Day


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Correction: The company did not lower its guidance, but rather narrowed guidance, and actually increased its bottom-end forecast.

The company also let us know of the following fact about its demographics:

…we are the U.S. market leader in new motorcycle sales to Young Adults (18-34) for all on-road motorcycles – i.e., nobody sells more to this segment than we do. We also sell more new Harley-Davidson motorcycles to today’s generation of Young Adults than we did to the Boomers when they were Young Adults – which we believe portends well for the future.

Original post: Harley Davidson shares are sliding hard on the news that the company is reducing the forecast for sales of its iconic “hogs.”

The question is: why?

Is it because the consumer is weaker than they thought?

Or is it because their core customers are getting too old to be having mid-life crises?

Either way it confirms something bad about the US: either the economy is weak, or our demographics are worsening.

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