Want A Clip From 'Mad Men' As Your Ringtone? Check Out Hark


Photo: David Aronchick

Hark cofounder David Aronchick used his service to download a ring tone from Mad Men to his phone.”The next time my phone rings, someone around me will listen to it and ask me about it — and give me a chance to talk about it,” Aronchick said.

Right now, Hark has over 50 million users and 360 million page views a month. People are already looking for quotes they’ve heard in movies, TV shows, or the news.

Hark sells advertising on its Web site, then splits the proceeds with the content owners.

I Just Wanted to Hear the Tone of Your Voice So I Can Make Sure

“For what we’re doing for the content owners, we are generating value in the six-figure range trending to seven figures on an annualized basis,” he said.

Hark was founded in 2007 and launched in late 2008, and has been doubling its revenue every year.

Hark has been profitable for a year, which is rare in the consumer website space, he said. 

They haven’t needed to take any extra money since they raised $4.5 million in a series A round from Redpoint Ventures in November 2007.

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