HAPPY LEAP DAY: These Are The 15 Most Outrageous Items People Bought In February

February most outrageous luxury list

Now that those holiday credit card bills are paid off, people really went over the top in February with spending.

Some weird and outrageous luxury purchases were made this month.

One buyer dropped more than $300,000 on a pigeon. Another lucky man’s wife paid an arm and a leg so that her husband could take home Jeremy Lin’s sweaty jersey.

Round out the list with some wacky art and plastic surgery, and we have one weird month of purchases.

A gold coin sold for $26,000

Record-Setting Price For A Coin In India

A King William IV Double Mohurs gold coin sold for $26,382 at auction in India, making it the most expensive coin of its type ever acquired in India.

The coin was issued in 1835 and went out of circulation the following year. Businessman Arvind Kumar and his son Abhishek were the winning bidders.

A woman paid $42,000 for her husband to meet Jeremy Lin

An Asian collector bought a $49,000 bottle of wine at Sotheby's

Really Expensive Bottle Of Wine

A Nebuchadnezzar (15L bottle) of Masseto 2007 sold for $49,000 at Sotheby's last weekend.

Tenuta dell'Ornellaia, an Italian vineyard, only produced eight versions of this bottle ever, which fuelled a heated and long bidding war at the auction house.

A bottle of rare Glenfiddich whisky sold for $69,400

The Second Most Expensive Bottle Of Single Malt

An anonymous telephone bidder purchased a rare bottle of Glenfiddich single malt this month for $69,400 at a London auction.

The bottle is just one of 11 made to honour Janet Sheed Roberts, the granddaughter of Glenfiddich's distillery's founder, William Grant.

Another one of the 11 bottles sold in Edinburgh in December for $72,000 at auction, keeping the title of most expensive bottle of single malt ever sold.

A rare edition of Ernest Hemingway's first book sold for $81,000

An Aztec dagger went for $105,000 at Tiffany's

A One-Of-A-Kind Dagger

A rare dagger inspired by the Aztecs sold for $105,000 at Tiffany's this month. Designed in the early 1900's by G. Paulding Farnham, the dagger was expected to sell for between $10,000 and $20,000.

An institution purchased the dagger for its permanent collection.

A Calvin and Hobbes comic strip sold for $107,000

Insanely Expensive Comic Strip

A watercolor painting of Calvin and Hobbes taking a snooze under a tree -- all done in water colours -- sold for $107,550 at auction.

Bill Watterson created the piece in the 1980s, sized at 13-by-10 inches. It was originally for a cover of a calendar in the same decade.

This woman paid $250,000 to have the world's largest breasts

World's Largest Breasts

If you're willing to spend $250,000 and have 22 surgeries, you too can have the world's largest breasts at a staggering 38KKK.

Sheyla Hershey was willing, and broke the record. By putting 85 fluid ounces (comparable to a six pack of soda) of saline in each of her implants, she increased her breast size from a B to a KKK, and is $250,000 poorer.

A man bought a fancy pigeon for $328,000

The Most Expensive Pigeon In The World

A Dutch Fancy Pigeon of the Dolce Vita breed sold for a record-breaking $328,000 to a Chinese shipping magnate, Hu Zhen Yu.

The pigeon was auctioned alongside 245 other pigeons on a Belgium website. The pigeon was purchased for breeding, not racing, The Telegraph reported.

The UFC's co-owner dropped $1.1 million on a pair of Muhammad Ali's boxing gloves

Insanely Expensive Muhammad Ali Memorabilia

Lorenzo Fertitta, a casino owner and co-owner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, splurged on a pair of Muhammad Ali's boxing gloves, with a bid of $1.1 million.

Ali wore the gloves for his first title fight in Las Vegas, 46 years ago.

Fertitta narrowly beat Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones out for the gloves. Jones ceased his bidding at $1 million.

The Milhous Brothers' 1912 rare Oldsmobile sold for $3.3 million

Only Known Surviving 1912 Oldsmobile Limited

The Milhous Brothers sold off their rare collection of classical cars, musical instruments, and collectibles this month for a total of $38.3 million.

The highest individual lot in the sale was the only known surviving 1912 Oldsmobile Limited, which sold for $3.3 million.

A bronze semi-abstract human sculpture sold for $30.1 million

Most Expensive Henry Moore Statue Ever Sold

A large scale semi-abstract statue of a human figure, made from bronze in 1951 by artist Henry Moore, sold for $30.1 million at Christie's last week. The statue was the most expensive Henry Moore ever sold.

Cologne-based dealer Alex Lachmann purchased the statue at the London-based auction.

A rare Ferrari GTO sold for $32 million

One Of The Most Expensive Cars Ever Sold

A rare Ferrari GTO sold for the huge price tag of $32 million this month to a private buyer. At that price, it's one of the most expensive cars ever sold.

The car is one of 36 GTO models produced by Ferrari between 1962 and 1963.

An abstract photo of a nude model sold for $33 million

The nation of Qatar purchased a painting for more than $250 million

The Most Expensive Piece Of Art Ever Sold

The tiny nation of Qatar bought Paul Cézanne's 'The Card Players' for more than $250 million, continuing its buying spree of modern art.

The huge price tag is more than double the previous record for the most expensive piece of art ever sold (based on auction records).

Qatar actually bought the piece in 2011, but details of the sale were only made public this month.

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