The 'Happy Death Day' director says the idea for the creepy baby mask came from a fear of being a bad parent

Michele K. Short/Universal PicturesAre you creeped out by the baby mask in ‘Happy Death Day 2u’? Good. Almost everyone can relate to the origin of how it became the movie’s horror mascot.
  • “Happy Death Day 2U,” the sequel to 2017’s hit “Happy Death Day,” is in theatres Wednesday, February 13.
  • At the heart of the franchise about a young college woman reliving the same day over and over again is a murderer wearing a creepy baby mask, the mascot for the fictional college in the films.
  • Director Christopher B. Landon told INSIDER the idea came to him while he and his partner were expecting a child and he had fears about being a bad dad.

If you’ve seen “Happy Death Day” or trailers and posters for its sequel, then you’re probably familiar with the creepy baby mask worn by the killer in the film.

You know, this mask:

Happy death day creepy baby maskUniversal PicturesThis is the stuff of nightmares, right here. Literally.

Where did the idea for such a frightening looking baby came from? And why is it a mascot for a fictional college?

“Happy Death Day” franchise director Christopher B. Landon told INSIDER the baby came from an idea that may be scary to many people – becoming a parent.

“When we were starting to prep the first movie and I knew I needed to create the killer’s mask, I very subconsciously was drawn to the baby because my partner and I, at the time, we were pregnant,” Landon told INSIDER. “I really feel like I had baby on the brain. I even had a fear of, ‘Am I going to be a bad dad?'”

“I was always thinking about babies, and so I pitched it to the guy who ultimately designed the mask, his name is Tony Gardner,” he continued. “I told Tony, ‘I think a baby would be really weird and creepy.'”

Happy death day baby maskMichele K. Short/Universal PicturesExpect to see more of the baby mask early in the movie.

The first movie follows Tree (Jessica Rothe) as she finds herself reliving the same day over and over again only to be murdered by a killer wearing the baby mask. The sequel will find Tree stuck back in that same loop, but with a twist.

Along with Rothe and Israel Broussard from the first film, the sequel will also see the return of the one-toothed baby mask, which became more than just a mask worn by the film’s killer.

While prepping for the first film, Landon thought the baby would make a perfect school symbol as well, telling INSIDER he thought up the concept of the Bayfield Baby mascot in the movie. Landon got really into it, even theorizing how the character would be integrated into the school for the sequel.

“I even imagined, before I even got to make the second movie, that at games, at football games and basketball games, that the Bayfield team would wear these masks and when the other team was trying to make a goal they would cry really loud like a baby to distract them,” said Landon of the creepy baby mask. “I built this whole thing up in my head of how this thing could work and it was really funny that I actually got to address this in the second movie.”

Bayfield baby happy death day 2uMichele K. Short/Universal PicturesThe baby will be haunting more than just Jessica. The mask will be seen in more school settings in the sequel.

You’ll have to wait until the movie’s out to see how Landon incorporates more of the Bayfield baby into the sequel.

“Happy Death Day 2U” is in theatres Wednesday, February 13. You can watch a trailer for the movie here or below.

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