'Happy Death Day 2U' teases a sequel — and if it happens, it will be the last one

Universal PicturesIf we get another ‘Happy Death Day’ movie, the director tells INSIDER it will be his last.
  • Warning: There are spoilers ahead for “Happy Death Day 2U.”
  • The end of the movie and one end-credits sequence tease the setup of another sequel.
  • Director Christopher B. Landon told INSIDER he has an idea for the third movie. And if it happens, it will be his last in a “Happy Death Day” trilogy of films.
  • Producer Jason Blum confirms to INSIDER there won’t be any more “Happy Death Day” movies without Landon.

The end to “Happy Death Day 2U” sets up another sequel and if and when a third “Happy Death Day” movie happens director and writer Christopher B. Landon tells INSIDER it will be his final one in the franchise.

“There are a lot of other stories that I’d like to tell and different kinds of movies I’d like to make,” Landon told INSIDER. “But this particular movie and this particular franchise, for me personally, I would only want to make three of them. The third movie would be the last one for me.”

In “Happy Death Day 2U,” we learn Tree (Jessica Rothe) was reliving her birthday over and over again because of a quantum machine, SISSY, constructed in part by her boyfriend’s roommate, Ryan. This time around, Tree gets stuck reliving the same day in a parallel universe to her own where everything’s different.

Happy death day ryan carterMichele K. Short/Universal PicturesTree needs to find her way out of a parallel universe.

After straightening everything out, Tree, Ryan, and his friends are recruited by the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) at the movie’s end because of the time-warping machine they built. In an extra scene mid-way through the credits, we see the group show up at DARPA where they want to test it out on another guinea pig. Tree and the group suggest one of her sorority sisters, Danielle, would be the perfect candidate and that’s the end of the scene.

“I have a third movie in my head and it’s very much connected to the tag at the end of this movie,” Landon said of that final scene leading into a third movie he has in mind. “It expands the world in a significant way. It’s just a question of are people going to show up and see this movie and let me make a third?”

Landon said that’s the only way that film will ever happen.

“I’m just sort of crossing my fingers and hoping I get a chance to make one more,” he added.

Happy death day 2 christopher landonUniversal PicturesDirector and writer Christopher B. Landon on set of ‘Happy Death Day 2U’ with Jessica Rothe.

When asked if Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions would carry on the franchise without Landon, producer Jason Blum told INSIDER that if Landon is done with “Happy Death Day,” then they are, too.

“If Chris didn’t want to continue, we would be done at three,” said Blum.

Blum said he loves that this franchise incorporates different genres into each film citing the horror remix of “Groundhog Day” as inspiration for the first film and the sci-fi aspect of “Back to the Future” for the sequel.

“I know what the pitch is for the third movie, and I really hope we get to make it,” said Blum. “I’m sure it’s another ’80s movie Chris is going to reference for it. But I do know it’s totally different than the first two and I would be really excited to have a trilogy that are three connected movies, but all with different genres. I don’t really think it’s ever been done before.”

“Happy Death Day 2U” is in theatres now. You can read our review here.

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