Happy Birthday, Steve Jobs! Here’s What We Want


Apple (AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs turns 54 today. Happy birthday, Steve!

Instead of showering you with presents, we’re going to submit a wish list. That’s how it works when you’re a billionaire. Sorry!

Our top wish is that your health improves, and that you come back in June and kick butt running Apple for another 10 years. Or 20.

But we need some new toys, too. How about, by the end of the year…

  • A new, no-frills Mac mini.
  • A more open Apple TV software platform that’ll let us watch non-Apple video, like Hulu and Netflix (NFLX) streams and MLB.TV games. (Sort of like Boxee, before Hulu pulled its streams out.)
  • A more powerful iPhone that’ll let us run more than one app at a time, so we can leave IM apps open all day. And shoot video. And copy and paste?
  • An Apple tablet so we never have to buy a netbook or Kindle 2. How about that iPod touch HD we pitched a few months ago?

That’s about it. Nothing far-fetched, everything pretty reasonable. Thanks!