HAPPY (ALMOST) HALLOWEEN! Here Are 7 Last-Minute Celebrity Costume Ideas

charlie sheen roast

Halloween is only a week away.

Haven’t figured out a costume yet? Don’t panic.

Instead of dressing up like a slutty version of [insert any animal here], we’ve gathered some ideas on how to dress like the celebrities that made some of the year’s biggest headlines.

From Beyonce‘s questionable baby bump to Charlie Sheen (being Charlie Sheen).

Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden = the perfect couples costume. For the girl, you'll need a long blonde wig, too-tight black dress, Pamela Anderson-style arm band, and bright red nail polish. Don't forget to make really uncomfortable facial expressions. For the guy, just be old, creepy, and hold on to a tiny terrified dog.

Rebecca Black: long dark wig, purple tank top, black backpack, tell everyone it's Friday. Voila! Instant YouTube sensation.

Yet another couples costume. The guy should let his hair grow long and refuse to shave; the girl should wear a long, wavy brunette wig. Tweet all-night-long while only sometimes wearing your wedding rings and refuse to answer any questions about your relationship. Have a blonde follow you around, claiming she had an affair.

Always a bridesmaid. To pull off a Pippa Middleton costume, don a long, form-fitting white dress and matching flowers in loosely curled hair. Steal the show from your sister.

To re-create Beyonce and her baby bump, you'll need a fitted magenta dress and a batch of inflated balloons. Wear one of the balloons under your dress to resemble the bump and pop every time you sit down, deflating the bump. Repeat as necessary. Watch the rumours spread.

Re-create Kanye West's visit to Occupy Wall Street. Bonus points if you get a friend to dress up as a protester and walk behind you...extra bonus points if that friend is Penn Badgley.

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