The Happiest Companies In Tech

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CareerBliss has released its list of the 10 happiest companies in tech.

If you’re on the hunt for a new tech job and want to surround yourself with shiny happy people, consider sending your resume to one of these workplaces.

10. Advanced Micro Devices

AMD is a major semiconductor company based in Sunnyvale, CA. It makes processors, motherboards, and all order of computer components, some of which might be in your personal computer right now.

Happiness (out of 5): 3.93

Average salary: $84,000

Source: CareerBliss

9. HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies is an IT company in India. It handles 'outsourcing services, business process outsourcing, and infrastructure services.'

Happiness (out of 5): 3.95

Average salary: $65,000

Source: CareerBliss

8. Yahoo!

A longtime mainstay of the modern tech environment. It's most known for its web portal and recently made some news when CEO Marissa Mayer came out against letting employees work from home.

Happiness (out of 5): 3.98

Average salary: $87,000

Source: CareerBliss

7. Unisys

Unisys does a little bit of everything, offering up all kinds of information technology services from its home base in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.

Happiness (out of 5): 4.0

Average salary: $70,000

Source: CareerBliss

6. Intel

The giant of the computer hardware world. Intel's chips power all kinds of devices, and with the company being the most valuable and most popular semiconductor company, should it really be a surprise?

Happiness (out of 5): 4.04

Average salary: $75,000

Source: CareerBliss

5. EMC Corp.

EMC specialises in data storage and virtualization. It serves huge Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller operations.

Happiness (out of 5): 4.07

Average salary: $87,000

Source: CareerBliss

4. Google

Of course the search giant would be a happy place to work. Free food, scooters to ride, and some campuses even have playground slides.

Happiness (out of 5): 4.10

Average salary: $72,000

Source: CareerBliss

3. Avaya

Avaya is a 'global provider of business communications and collaboration systems,' providing networking products and contact centres.

Happiness (out of 5): 4.12

Average salary: $87,000

Source: CareerBliss

2. Texas Instruments

If you took a maths class sometime after 1991, you almost certainly used a calculator by Texas Instruments.

Happiness (out of 5): 4.14

Average salary: $74,000

Source: CareerBliss

1. Intuit

You'd think a company that specialises in tax preparation software might be a dismal place to work. Turns out it's just the opposite, coming in at the happiest company to work for in technology.

Happiness (out of 5): 4.27

Average salary: $77,000

Source: CareerBliss

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