The 20 Happiest Jobs In America

Looking for a career that you can fall in love with?

Here’s a good place to start. We worked with CareerBliss, an online jobs database, to find the jobs with the happiest employees in America. To come up with the ranking, CareerBliss examined 57,000 employee evaluations across more than 450 different job titles.

The final measure of job satisfaction, which CareerBliss calls a “bliss score,” is given on a scale of one to five (one being the least happy and five the most). The bliss scores are based on eight factors: work-life balance; relationship with coworkers; work environment; job resources; compensation; growth opportunities; company culture; and daily tasks.

Overall, among the positions that ranked as the happiest in the nation, employees rate their bosses and colleagues as the best part of their jobs. They also give high marks to job freedom, which generally refers to the amount of flexibility employees have in how, when, and where they get their work done. Concrete factors like human resources and compensation get more lukewarm reviews.

The jobs aren’t necessarily what you’d expect, and they’re certainly not the highest paying. But for one reason or another, employees love them anyway.

20. General manager (retail)

Bliss score: 3.825
Average salary: $US65,400
General managers give the highest marks to the people they work with and the freedom their job provides.

19. IT consultant

Bliss score: 3.834
Average salary: $US77,500
For IT consultants, the best parts of the job are their bosses and colleagues, followed by the amount of freedom and flexibility they have at work.

18. Property manager

Bliss score: 3.842
Average salary: $US46,800
Colleagues top the list of perks for property managers, followed by job freedom and flexibility.

17. Network engineer

Bliss score: 3.845
Average salary: $US85,500
Network engineers give high marks to their coworkers, their bosses, and the flexibility of their work.

16. Finance manager

Bliss score: 3.849
Average salary: $US64,100
Finance managers love how flexible their work is and are equally fond of the people they work with.

15. Designer

Bliss score: 3.849
Average salary: $US65,900
The coworkers of designers get the best reviews of any on our list. Work freedom and work setting also score well.

14. Contractor

Bliss score: 3.854
Average salary: $US63,200
Contractors love their work setting, work freedom and flexibility, and bosses and colleagues.

13. Marketing consultant

Bliss score: 3.858
Average salary: $US74,300
Marketing consultants value their bosses more than the employees of any other job on our list, giving them an average score of 4.5 out of 5.

12. Facilities manager

Bliss score: 3.888
Average salary: $US59,200
Work setting, coworkers, and general freedom and flexibility are the best parts of the job for facilities managers.

11. Construction manager

Bliss score: 3.891
Average salary: $US72,400
According to our list, construction managers have the job with the overall best freedom and flexibility ranking.

9. Intern

Bliss score: 3.908
Average salary: $US36,500
Perhaps surprisingly, interns report that they are extremely happy with their job flexibility, their work setting, and the people they work with.

6. Controller

Bliss score: 3.929
Average salary: $US64,100
For controllers, work freedom is the highest-rated factor, followed by work setting. These employees also give favourable marks to the job support they get.

5. Sales representative

Bliss score: 3.932
Average salary: $US62,400
Work freedom, colleagues, and compensation and rewards top the list for sales representatives.

3. Realtor

Bliss score: 4.029
Average salary: $US53,800
Company culture scores well for realtors, as does the flexibility of doing their work. They also like their colleagues, bosses, and job support options.

2. QA Analyst

Bliss score: 4.060
Average salary: $US58,000
Six of the eight job satisfaction factors score a four or higher for QA analysts. Among the top-ranked ones are colleagues, bosses, and work freedom.

1. Research/teaching assistant

Bliss score: 4.125
Average salary: $US33,600
Our happiest job by a longshot is research/teaching assistants. Though these employees aren't paid much, they love everything from the people they work with to their organizational culture and work freedom.

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