RANKED: The 30 countries where expats are happiest

Alex Segre/ShutterstockBaths in Budapest.
  • The InterNations expat support network asked more than 20,000 expats to rank their happiness with life in general and with their personal relationships while in their new country.
  • It weighted the results and ranked the top 30 countries where expats were happiest.
  • Scroll down to see what they are.
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An often overlooked aspect of moving abroad – be it for work, family, or just a change in environment – is how happy you’ll be when you’re away from home.

InterNations, an expat support network based in Germany, asked more than 20,000 people living in 187 countries and regions to rank their happiness based on two categories: life in general and their relationship with their partner.

It weighted the two results and ranked the countries where expats were happiest.

For reference, 74% of all expats said they’re happy with life in general, while 84% said they’re happy in their relationships.

Scroll down for a ranking of where expats are happiest overall, along with the proportions of people in each place who said they’re happy with life in general. (Those percentages don’t include the proportion of people who said they’re happy in their relationships, so it is not an overall score.)

30. New Zealand — 76%

Dmitry Serbin/ ShutterstockAuckland, New Zealand.

29. Chile — 76%

Shutterstock/Pablo RogatSantiago, Chile.

28. Kazakhstan — 75%

M.Igor/ShutterstockSki slopes in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

27. Peru — 76%

Diego Vargas Nasser/ShutterstockVinicunca, also known as Rainbow Mountain in Peru.

26. Singapore — 77%

Chris McGrath/Getty Images‘Super trees’ on display at night in Singapore.

Singapore is also home to the only chef in the world to get a Michelin star for street food.

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25. Luxembourg — 82%

RossHelen/ShutterstockArmes square in Luxembourg City.

24. France — 76%

ShutterstockA vineyard in Bordeaux, France.

23. Hungary — 70%

Alex Segre/ShutterstockBaths in Budapest, Hungary.

22. Ukraine — 73%

Radiokafka / ShutterstockAn outdoor street festival in Kiev, Ukraine, in April 2016.

21. Malta — 80%

Zoltan Gabor/ShutterstockTraditional houses in Valletta, Malta.

20. Qatar — 77%

Shutterstock/Dutourdumonde PhotographyDoha, Qatar.

Qatar Airways, the country’s flagship airline, has also been consistently ranked one of the world’s best airlines.

19. Australia — 77%

Brendon Thorne/Getty ImagesA woman paddle boarding with her dog in Sydney Harbour in November 2015.

18. Kenya — 82%

Ben Curtis/APA grandmother collecting her adopted granddaughter from school in Nyumbani, Kenya.

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17. Israel — 80%

By eFesenko/ShutterstockTel Aviv, Israel.

16. Indonesia — 78%

iStock/Zephyr18Bali, Indonesia.

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15. Bulgaria — 78%

Marynka Mandarinka/ShutterstockSozopol, an ancient seaside town in Bulgaria.

14. Panama — 82%

13. Costa Rica — 81%

©John Seaton Callahan/Getty Images/Moment RFThe port town of Puntarenas, Costa Rica.

12. Thailand — 81%

501room/ShutterstockTourists at a street market in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

11. Taiwan — 80%

Sirikunkrittaphuk/iStockNightfall in Taipei, Taiwan.

Taiwan was also ranked the best country in the world in 2019 for expats in terms of finding a job, making local friends, and raising a family.

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10. Philippines — 80%

Gustavo Fidel Uy/EyeEm/Getty ImagesPalawan, Philippines.

9. Colombia — 79%

Gary C. Tognoni/ShutterstockCartagena, Colombia.

8. Malaysia — 83%

H-AB Photography/ShutterstockBoats in Malaysia’s Langkawi Geopark, a UNESCO landmark.

7. Morocco — 80%

MikeDotta/ShutterstockMarrakech, Morocco.

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6. Bahrain — 79%

trabantos/ShutterstockBahrain World Trade Centre in Manama.

5. Vietnam — 88%

4. Spain — 89%

Shutterstock/LucViMadrid, Spain.

3. Mexico — 90%

MattGush/ShutterstockLanterns in Tepoztlán, Mexico.

2. Portugal — 87%

iStockA square in old town Aveiro, Portugal.

1. Ecuador — 86%

ShutterstockGuayaquil, a port city in Ecuador.

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