The 26 happiest companies in America

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Facebook landed the No. 3 spot. Daniel Goodman/Business Insider

Feeling like “the luckiest guy on earth for ever landing a job here” is pretty high praise from an employee.

But it’s just that level of enthusiasm and excitement that earned Facebook a top spot as one of the happiest companies in America. The tech giant tied with two other companies for the highest level of job satisfaction.

All three companies received a job satisfaction score of 93% on our third annual list of the 50 best companies to work for in America.

The list is based on exclusive data from employer-information website PayScale, which surveyed employees in the US who work at companies that appeared on the 2014 Fortune 500 list. PayScale calculated scores for each company using six criteria: high job satisfaction, low job stress, ability to telecommute, high job meaning, experienced median pay/total cash compensation, and salary delta. We double-weighted pay to emphasise the importance of companies that pay their employees well.

When it came to happiness, PayScale asked employees at these companies, “How satisfied are you in your job?” Respondents could select “extremely satisfied” or “fairly satisfied.” The higher the percentage of extremely satisfied workers, the higher the score that company received. (You can find the full methodology here.)

Check out our infographic for a full list of the happiest workers in America:

Infographic The Happiest Companies In America 2015

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