Protesters Went Nuts At Morgan Stanley's Annual Shareholder Meeting

James Gorman

Photo: Neilson Barnard/WireImage

Morgan Stanley’s annual shareholder meeting just wrapped up and there were members representing the 99% in attendance. We listened in on the audio and have included a recap.

Earlier, there was audible chanting and protesting happening at the meeting.  

During the Q&A session, several people who took the mic decided to give CEO James Gorman long-winded political statements about the economy as opposed to asking him questions about the bank.

One woman kept calling the bank JP Morgan instead of Morgan Stanley. Another protester told Gorman, “You’re going to be dead… I’m the future.” And for some reason, Trayvon Martin was brought up.

Gorman just concluded the meeting (We wonder what he’s thinking). Listen to parts of the meeting below.

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