The world's longest glass bottom bridge just opened in China -- and it looks terrifying

The world’s longest glass bottom bridge just opened in Shiniuzhai Geological Park in China’s Hunan Province.

The geopark is now home to a 590-foot-high and 984-foot-long glass bottom bridge.

It’s called Brave Men’s Bridge or Haohan Qiao and is the world’s longest glass bottom bridge, as well as China’s first all-glass suspension bridge.

Fortunately for those willing to cross the bridge, the glass its made of is sturdier than normal glass.

According to CNN, each panel is 24 millimetres thick and 25 times stronger than regular glass.

Before a team of a 11 engineers went to work on the bridge, Haohan Qiao was made of wood, with only a small section that was made of glass as an experiment.

The Brave Men’s Bridge won’t be the only of its kind in China for long. The National Park of Zhangjiajie is set to open yet another glass bottom bridge which will be a whopping 1,247 feet long and 984 feet high, surpassing Brave Men’s Bridge.

Here are photos of some of the first few visitors who braved the bridge.

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