An Angels pitcher messed with one of baseball's most dangerous hitters by taking a ridiculously long time to deliver his pitch

Will Newton / Getty ImagesVladimir Guerrero Jr.

  • Los Angeles Angels closer Hansel Robles took a ridiculously long time to throw a fastball to Vladimir Guerrero Jr. on Tuesday night.
  • Robles’ long leg kick messed with Vlad Jr.’s timing and helped secure the 3-1 victory over the Toronto Blue Jays.
  • Guerrero was visibly frustrated at the plate.
  • Watch the video below.
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Los Angeles Angels closer Hansel Robles turned to a new tactic on Tuesday night to mess with Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s timing on a fastball.

With the Toronto Blue Jays own by two runs, with no men on, in the ninth inning, Guerrero, one of baseball’s most powerful hitters, had the opportunity to make it a one-run game with a single swing, but Robles had other plans for the Jays rookie.

Robles began to deliver the pitch, but paused midway, using a ridiculous leg kick to make his delivery a whole lot longer.

Vlad Jr. fouled off the 100 mph fastball, but he wasn’t amused by Robles’ new move.

On his next pitch, Robles used a quicker delivery and even though Vlad Jr. got the bat on it, he flied out to right center to secure the Angels 3-1 victory.

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