Sean Hannity says he will be 'pointing the finger directly' at Republican leadership if Trump loses

GettyImages 486121240Paul Zimmerman/Getty ImagesSean Hannity on the set of FOX News Channel’s ‘Hannity’ at FOX Studios.

Sean Hannity said Thursday that if Donald Trump loses the November election, he will blame Republican leadership.

“If in 96 days Trump loses this election, I am pointing the finger directly at people like [House Speaker] Paul Ryan and [Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham and John McCain and John Kasich and Ted Cruz if he won’t endorse — and Jeb Bush and everybody else that made promises they’re not keeping,” Hannity said on his radio program.

Hannity, a Fox News host and one of the most influential conservative pundits in the country, said the blame would be warranted because Republican leaders have been “more harsh” toward Trump than “Obama and his radical agenda.”

“They did nothing, nothing — all these phony votes to repeal and replace Obamacare, show votes so they can go back and keep their power and get reelected,” he said. “Sorry, you created Donald Trump, all of you, because of your ineffectiveness, because of your weakness, your spinelessness, your lack of vision, your inability to fight Obama.”

At one point, Hannity suggested he may ditch his support for the Republican officials.

“Honestly I am tempted to just say I don’t support any of you people ever,” he said.

Hannity then took a dig at Ryan, saying he may endorse the Wisconsin Republican’s primary challenger, Paul Nehlen.

“You know what, Paul Ryan wants to play this game — I haven’t made up my mind either. He’s running against a guy in the primary,” he said. “I haven’t made up mind who I’m going to support.”

Trump shocked the political world earlier this week by using similar language when he declined to endorse Ryan’s reelection bid. Ryan, of course, initially declined to support the New York businessman when he first secured the Republican nomination for president.

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