HANNITY: Trump is perhaps 'a little too sensitive at times' to criticism

Fox News host Sean Hannity said in a interview published Monday that President Donald Trump, whom the conservative commentator strongly supports, is perhaps “a little too sensitive at times” to criticism.

The comments came when radio host Hugh Hewitt asked Hannity to name “one thing that bothers” him about Trump.

“You know, we can all, he’s not a perfect person,” Hannity said, according to a transcript posted online. “And the difference between Trump and, say, other politicians, which is what I was just describing, they will say anything to get elected. He just stuck to what he believed in. And maybe that’s a fault.”

The Fox News host continued: “In other words, maybe he shouldn’t tweet out every thought he has. Maybe he’s a little too sensitive at times, I think.”

Hannity has strongly supported Trump, rarely criticising the real-estate mogul and reliably defending him against much of the criticism he has faced.

In the interview with Hewitt, which took place at the National Religious Broadcasters Association’s annual convention, Hannity also praised Trump as brave.

“This guy has more courage than everybody at this convention combined,” Hannity said. “He’s fearless.”

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