‘Why don’t you focus on getting your horrific ratings up’: Hannity blasts Scarborough over Trump adviser criticism

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity blasted MSNBC anchor Joe Scarborough on Twitter over his criticism of one of President Donald Trump’s top advisers.

On Sunday, adviser Stephen Miller appeared on four major political talk shows, aggressively dismissing two court rulings that blocked Trump’s travel ban, and defending Trump’s unsubstantiated claims of massive voter fraud.

In a series of tweets, Scarborough said Miller’s performance “embarrassed” the White House, dubbing the interviews “awful on every level.” 

Hannity responded several hours later, mocking the show’s ratings and defending Miller.

Hannity’s tweets didn’t blunt Scarborough’s criticism of the Trump adviser.

During his show on Tuesday, Scarborough characterised the comments as “horrendous,” and speculated that Trump would be impeached if he failed to respect court rulings.

“You really need to go back and read the Constitution,” Scarborough said. “And seriously, the White House has got to stop embarrassing themselves by putting this guy on.”

“If that sort of thinking were enacted into policy, we would have impeachment proceedings in the next six months. Donald Trump would be impeached if they did not adhere to…what the courts were saying,” he added.

Despite Hannity’s pronouncement as a show that no one watches, both television anchors are important figures in Trump’s media orbit.

While Hannity’s unwavering support for Trump yielded him access on the campaign trail and in the White House, Trump often tunes in to “Morning Joe,” and occasionally fires off tweets about the show’s topics. His viewership has become so well known that policymakers and advertisers have taken to addressing the president directly on the show’s airwaves.

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