Hannity: 'I wouldn't be happy unless Donald Trump selected Newt Gingrich to be his running mate'

Screen Shot 2016 07 12 at 9.19.46 AMFox NewsSean Hannity.

Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity said Monday evening on his television program that he would not be happy unless Donald Trump selected Newt Gingrich to be his running mate.

“I wouldn’t be happy with anyone but Newt,” Hannity quipped during an exchange with conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham.

The comment came after Hannity lavished praise on Gingrich, the former House speaker, in an interview.

“Of all the people being considered, these are the questions I would ask if I was Mr. Trump,” Hannity said, before listing off a set of criteria he’d like to see in Trump’s running mate:

“Who would be best at prosecuting the case against Hillary Clinton, in terms of the list that he has? Who would be best in terms of making the case and articulating the case for Donald Trump, with a positive voice like you have? Who would be the person that would pretty much be assured a win in any presidential-vice presidential debate? I think you’ve checked that corner. Who has balanced the budget and given us a surplus? Who has the ability to work with Congress? I check all the boxes, and you’re right there at the top, and I think you’d be the right choice.”

“What is your response to that?” he asked.

Gingrich told Hannity that his comments were “flattering,” but said the choice ultimately rested with Trump.

Hannity has long pushed for Gingrich to be placed on the ticket. In May, he said on his Fox News Channel program that Gingrich was Trump’s “best choice” for the job if he were looking for the “best person to get the job done.”

Trump is expected to name his running mate in the coming days.

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