Muammar Qaddafi's Son Ordered A Huge Cruise Ship With A 120-Tonne Shark Tank

great white shark

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Hannibal Qaddafi, son of late Libyan dictator Muammar, was so sick of not being able to rent cruise ships at short notice that he had one made.He had a special requirement however — a 120-tonne-tank for “two sand tiger sharks, two white sharks and two blacktip reef sharks”, of course.

The incredible news comes from Robert Wright of the FT (who also manages to craft one of our favourite ledes of recent years in his article).

Sadly Hannibal never got to see that beautiful, 3,500 capacity ship and it now it is being bought by MSC Cruises.

“There were some public spaces with some very particular and peculiar architectural taste – lots of gilt,” said Pierfrancesco Vago, chief executive of the company, who is hoping to convert the boat for commercial use.

Of course, Hannibal is not known for good taste. He’s mostly known in the West for allegedly beating a servant in Switzerland in 2008, having his bodyguards attack French police in 2004, and multiple reports of beating his lovers. He’s currently living in Algeria.

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