This Video Of A German Politician Making A 'Sandwich Dash' For The Buffet Has Become An Unexpected YouTube Hit

It’s not exactly clear what made Hannelore Kraft, state premier of North Rhine-Westphalia, run to the door so fast during this meeting of the German Bundestag.

However, the fact that the dash came so quickly after comments from Parliamentary Speaker Norbert Lammert (“The buffet is not necessarily better, but certainly fresher than as it would be after three votes, therefore we can meet upstairs in a particularly good mood” via The Local) has led some to believe that Kraft may have been hoping to get in line before other hungry politicians.

The video has now been viewed on YouTube 22,000 times, and there has been a wide variety of discussion about Kraft’s motive.

“It was not hunger, it was her plane”, a spokesperson bluntly told Der Spiegel, referring to a flight Kraft had to catch. “That was no problem. Ms Kraft had eaten something while the votes were being counted.”

(h/t The Local)


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