28-Year Old PR Girl: An Investment Banker Stalked Me, Followed Me To South Africa, And Bombed My House

Hannah Rhind

A pretty young PR girl who works for Roche told a court today that she’s been the victim of an investment banker’s obsession.Allegedly, 32-year old Shumsheer Ghumman (he runs his own “Capital Markets” firm, and has dual Indian and Australian citizenship) followed Hannah Rhind to her parents’ house in South Africa, hired a local man to murder one of more members of her family, and later threw two petrol bombs into the house.

We’ve covered bankers behaving weirdly before, but this is especially unusual.

From the Daily Mail:

William Booth, a criminal law expert, said: ‘Hannah met him by chance in early 2009 at a supper function in London but afterwards he wouldn’t leave her alone.’

He would bombard her with text messages and emails, and was harassing her father too.

‘In the end she complained to the police and he was given a warning notice and told to desist from contacting her.

‘But he failed to adhere to it and was convicted of harassment in August 2009.

‘After that he was ordered to do community service and told to stay away from the family.

Read the full story at the Daily Mail >

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