Hannah Montana Mints More Money For Disney


Disney’s Hannah Montana: The Movie surprised everyone by scoring a blockbuster $17.4 million opening day. Now the movie looks like it could bank $33.6 million this weekend, way more than the $25 million-28 million box office forecasts predicted, making it the second-best Easter opener ever.

Most box-office experts, including those we linked to in our weekly preview, thought this would be another winning weekend for Fast & Furious and didn’t think Miley Cyrus could top the $31.1 million opening weekend she scored with her 3-D concert film, particularly given all of the extenuating circumstances that made that movie’s weekend gross so high. But Hannah Montana: The Movie looks to top that and has already set a record for the best opening-day gross for a live-action G-rated movie.

Meanwhile, Fast & Furious has stalled more than expected, only pulling in $10.6 million Friday for what looks to be a $26.4 million weekend (hey! that was supposed to be Hannah Montana’s gross.), down 63% from its record-breaking $71 million opening frame.

And elsewhere at the multiplex, Dragonball: Evolution only scored $2.1 million Friday, meaning it probably didn’t benefit as much from Good Friday business as we thought it would. Fox’s PG sci-fi actioner will be lucky to make $5 million for the weekend, and Summit’s Knowing or Lionsgate’s The Haunting in Connecticut (which everyone totally forgot about) could take the fifth spot in the Top 5.

Box office numbers from Box Office Mojo

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