A 21-year-old who had cancer as a teen is accused of faking having the disease again to steal fundraising donations

  • Hannah Leigh Hume, 21, was charged with felony attempt to obtain property by false pretense, a felony, on Tuesday.
  • The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release that Hume had pretended to have kidney cancer to steal donations intended for medical bills.
  • Hume admitted to investigators she faked having cancer after a local recreational club suspected it was not a real diagnosis, Randolph County Sheriff’s Office said.
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A 21-year-old woman is accused of faking a kidney cancer diagnosis to steal donations intended for medical bills.

Hannah Leigh Hume, of High Point, North Carolina, was charged with felony attempt to obtain property by false pretense, the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office announced in a press release on Facebook on Tuesday.

Her arrest came after a local recreational club suspected Hume was falsely claiming to have kidney cancer, the sheriff’s office said.

The club had planned to hold a charity event for Hume in June to help her with medical bills.

Members, however, grew suspicious when Hume started speaking about her diagnosis and the cost of her bills.

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Hume was interviewed by investigators, and she admitted that she had faked having kidney cancer, the press release said. She was charged before she was able to collect any of the funds.

Despite admitting that she did not currently have cancer, Hume had previously been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer when she was 18. A May 2016 story from Fox News 8 revealed Hume possessed a rare genetic mutation that made both her mother, aunt, and her susceptible to the disease.

Dr. Thomas Russell, a pediatric oncologist at Brenner Children’s Hospital, located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, spoke to the network about her disease and treatment at the time.

“We’ve relied on experts throughout the world to figure out how to best care for Hannah,” Dr. Russell said.

Following her confession, Hume was taken to Randolph County Detention Center , where she was given a $US5,000 unsecured bond. She’s scheduled to make her first court appearance on May 13.

INSIDER has contacted Hume for comment.

Officials said Hume was the second person to be arrested on suspicion of faking a cancer diagnosis in Randolph County in the last month.

Amy Ellissa Hammer, 30, of Seagrove, was arrested after lying about having chronic lymphocytic leukemia in an attempt to save her marriage, FOX8 reported.

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