Meet the 30 men competing for Bachelorette Hannah B's heart

ABC/Ed HerreraThese men will compete for Hannah B’s heart.
  • Alabama resident Hannah B. is America’s next Bachelorette.
  • Her journey to love starts on May 13
  • She has 30 contestants vying for her heart this season.
  • They include a pro surfer and political consultant.
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Although she left Colton Underwood’s “Bachelor” season heartbroken, Hannah B. is ready to find love as the new Bachelorette. ABC found 30 eligible men for the 2019 leading lady and they range from professional athletes to Kris Jenner super-fans.

Fans will watch her meet the contestants during the May 13 “Bachelorette” premiere. Before then, here’s everything you need to know about Hannah’s cast of men.

Brian, 30, from Louisville, Kentucky.

ABC/Ed HerreraBrian

When Brian’s not teaching high school maths, you can find him singing karaoke or coming up with witty puns.

Cam, 30, from Austin, Texas.

ABC/Ed HerreraCam

“The Notebook” is this contestant’s favourite movie, so perhaps he’s picked up a romantic tip or two from Ryan Gosling’s character.

Chasen, 27, from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

ABC/Ed HerreraChasen

Chasen is one of two pilots on Hannah’s season, and he’s a self-confessed “Bachelor” fanatic who loves watching the show with his mum.

Connor J., 28, from Newport Beach, California.

ABC/Ed HerreraConnor J

This sales manager just wants to give his grandma some grandkids already, and he thinks his charm and manners will allow him to win.

Connor S., 24, from Dallas, Texas.

ABC/Ed HerreraConnor S.

Connor’s keeping that Justin Bieber fever alive, because he’s a huge fan of the singer.

Daron, 25, from Buckhead, Georgia.

ABC/Ed HerreraDaron

This IT consultant was a college athlete and loves football just like Hannah does.

Devin, 27, from Sherman Oaks, California.

ABC/Ed HerreraDevin

This contestant has a connection with a former Bachelorette star – Wills from Becca Kufrin’s season is one of Devin’s friends. Hopefully, Wills was able to give this talent manager some tips before he left for the show.

Dustin, 30, from Chicago, Illinois.

ABC/Ed HerreraDustin

A mama’s boy at heart, real estate broker Dustin says Hannah will need to earn his mother’s approval if their romance is going to work out.

Dylan, 24, from San Diego, California.

ABC/Ed HerreraDylan

You can work up a sweat while donating food to those in need with the fitness company that this tech entrepreneur started.

Garrett, 27, from Birmingham, Alabama.

ABC/Ed HerreraGarrett

Garrett the golf pro has the advantage of living in Hannah’s home state of Alabama. In fact, his sister-in-law nominated him for the show because she thought he and Hannah has so much in common.

Grant, 30, from San Clemente, California.

ABC/Ed HerreraGrant

This 30-year-old is currently unemployed, but he’s about to make his job the “Here For The Right Reasons” Police. He says in his bio that he doesn’t think the younger contestants could possibly be there for the right reasons, and he’s not afraid to call them out.

Hunter, 24, from Westchester, California.

ABC/Ed HerreraHunter

This California boy is a pro surfer, but he’s also a huge “Bachelor fan,” and he even hosts viewing parties in his house – which he shares with his parents.

Jed, 25, from Nashville, Tennessee.

ABC/Ed HerreraJed

Almost every season of this show has a contestant from Nashville, and this year Jed is it. He’s a singer/songwriter and says that’s the easiest way for him to express himself. Perhaps he’ll write Hannah a little ditty?

Joe, 30, from Chicago, Illinois.

ABC/Ed HerreraJoe

Joe goes by the nickname “The Box King” because his family is in the cardboard box business. He’s also the king of craps tables and blackjack, with Las Vegas being his favourite place to visit.

Joey, 33, from Bethesda, Maryland.

ABC/Ed HerreraJoey

This contestant is a finance manager who says he’s ready to settle down, buy a minivan, and raise a bunch of kids. He’s also afraid of heights, so you can likely see him on a height-related group date soon, knowing this show’s history.

John Paul Jones, 24, from Lanham, Maryland.

ABC/Ed HerreraJohn Paul Jones

John Paul Jones’ occupation is listed as simply “John Paul Jones,” and his bio says you must always use all three of his names when referring to him. He’s also a big fan of champagne and long, fancy words, so get ready, “Bachelorette” fans.

Jonathan, 27, from Los Angeles, California.

ABC/Ed HerreraJonathan

Jonathan is a server who loves to party at clubs according to ABC. He also loves sparklers – perhaps when brought out with bottle service at said clubs.

Kevin, 27, from Manteno, Illinois.

ABC/Ed HerreraKevin

Kevin is a total gym rat and says he won’t travel anywhere that doesn’t have a workout facility available. But he has a nerdy side too, and he loves the “Harry Potter” books.

Luke P., 24, from Gainesville, Georgia.

ABC/Ed HerreraLuke P.

This Georgia boy says that when he dates, “it’s for marriage,” because his faith is very important to him.

Luke S., 29, from Washington, DC.

ABC/Ed HerreraLuke S.

Fans are already saying that this “Bachelorette” contestant has a doppelganger from the franchise: Nick Viall. But Luke is probably hoping to stand out on his own on Hannah’s season as he does as a political consultant in DC.

Matt Donald, 26, from Los Gatos, California.

ABC/Ed HerreraMatt Donald

Matt learned sign language to better communicate with his parents and brother who are deaf. He also grew up watching Alabama football, which should make him stand out to Alabama girl Hannah.

Matteo, 25, from Atlanta, Georgia.

ABC/Ed HerreraMatteo

“The Bachelorette” travel dates will basically be old hat to Matteo who has already lived in places like Austria and Kenya. He is also a dedicated sperm donor, and 114 children have been apparently been created using his donations.

Matthew, 23, from Newport Beach, California.

ABC/Ed HerreraMatthew

Hope Hannah likes ink, because Matthew is covered in it. His bio says he has four tattoos on his legs, two on his right arm, one on his chest, and a full sleeve on his left arm.

Mike, 31, from San Antonio, Texas.

ABC/Craig SjodinMike

Mike says he’s terrified of skydiving, so he’s all but guaranteed a skydiving date this season.

Peter, 27, from Westlake Village, California.

ABC/Ed HerreraPeter

Peter is a pilot and his dad was a pilot too and his mum was a flight attendant. He’s probably hoping his relationship with Hannah can, ahem,take off.

Ryan, 25, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

ABC/Ed HerreraRyan

Ryan’s occupation is listed as “Roller Boy,” but it’s not really explained. Perhaps he’s a skilled roller skater? It doesn’t appear that’s his full-time job, though, since his bio also says he’s a data analyst who loves a thrill (like tightrope walking) but hates birds.

Scott, 28, from Chicago, Illinois.

ABC/Ed HerreraScott

This Chicagoan is a self-confessed huge fan of Kardashian mumager, Kris Jenner.

Thomas, 27, from Detroit, Michigan.

ABC/Ed HerreraThomas

Thomas now resides in Michigan, but he was a professional basketball player for a year before that. He now works as a recruiter for an energy business, and he’s never brought a woman home to meet his family – so a hometown date with Hannah would be a first for him.

Tyler C., 25, from Jupiter, Florida.

ABC/Ed HerreraTyler C

This general contractor was originally drafted by the Baltimore Ravens NFL team, but a shoulder injury later ended his career.

It’s worth noting that the ABC website has him listed as two different ages (26 and 25), but his bio page says 25, so that’s what we have listed here. We’re reaching out to ABC to confirm his age.

Tyler G., 28, from Boca Raton, Florida.

ABC/Ed HerreraTyler G.

This psychology graduate student has a side hustle as a dream therapy analyst.

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