California Teenager Hannah Anderson Answered Questions About Her Kidnapping On

HannahREUTERS/San Diego County Sheriff’s Department/HandoutEthan and Hannah Anderson are pictured in this undated handout photo courtesy of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

Hannah Anderson, the 16-year-old girl from California who was
kidnapped and held for a weekearlier this month by a family friend, has answered dozens of questions about her ordeal on the social networking site

She has now disabled her account, but earlier on Wednesday the posts were still visible. The Associated Press confirmed with people who know Hannah that she was the one writing the posts.

Police killed Hannah’s kidnapper, 40-year-old Lee DiMaggio, in the Idaho wilderness where he was travelling with her. DiMaggio killed Hannah’s mother and younger brother before taking her from San Diego to Idaho.

When asked if Hannah would have rather seen DiMaggio get life in prison, she responded: “he deserved what he got.” She clarified that she did not go with DiMaggio willingly.

On, Hannah provided some more insight into her ordeal:

DiMaggio’s car was reportedly found covered in brush on the edge of the Idaho wilderness.

Some news outlets reported that DiMaggio was infatuated with Hannah.

Hannah says she didn’t know that her mother and brother were dead until police told her. The two were found in DiMaggio’s house, which he allegedly set on fire before taking off with Hannah.

DiMaggio apparently lured Hannah and her family to his home on false pretenses. Hannah wrote that DiMaggio tied her mother and brother up in his garage.

Hannah was reportedly spotted by hikers in the woods. She wrote that she didn’t reach out to anyone for help because DiMaggio had a gun and said he would kill anyone who tried to help.

Hannah also wrote that she is trying to stay strong and be her “fun, normal self” because that is what her mother and brother would want.

She posted this picture:

The Associated Press reported that Hannah’s father has told people he plans to have her move to Tennessee with him, but on she said she’s not moving to Tennessee.

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