Hanley Ramirez Got SLAMMED By A Teammate For Showing Up Late

hanley ramirez

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Looks like Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison’s Twitter prowess translates well to calling out lazy teammates.That’s reportedly what happened before Monday’s game, when LoMo ripped Hanley Ramirez for showing up late for a pregame meeting.

There’s no word on what exactly was said. But apparently Morrison told Ramirez that his chronic lateness is the reason for his crappy play this season (.206 average).

Hanley is an easy target. He’s ridiculously talented, but he maintains an air of laziness that rubs people the wrong way.

Fans don’t just want guys to play hard, they want them to look like they’re playing hard. So while Hanley’s apparent nonchalance doesn’t necessarily mean he’s lazy, it gives people an easy way to rip him.

Morrison, for his part, hasn’t been much better than Ramirez these days. But what he lacks in baseball ability he makes up for in 140-character witticisms.

Here’s two good ones from the last two days.


Photo: Twitter.com/LoMoMarlins


Photo: Twitter.com/LoMoMarlins

Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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