Hank Williams Jr: "Red White And Pink Slip Blues"

It may not actually get us out of the recession, but Hank Williams Jr. is proposing his own bailout plan. It’s a publicity stunt, really. But as the old saying goes, “If your singing about it, it aint so bad.” So maybe it’s good news that the recession is now embodied in the song “Red White and Pink-Slip Blues.” Hank, of course, wrote the classic line “interest is up and the stock market is down” for his song “Country Folks Can Survive.”

The latest “bailout plan” is really a promotional contest Hank is running that proposes to “stimulate” the economy by giving the winner $1000 cash, airfare and hotel, concert seats and backstage passes, three CDs, an autographed guitar and a signed copy of “Red White and Pink-Slip Blues.”

For country fans, here’s Hank’s latest. 

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